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Bob Talbott Construction builds custom homes and remodels existing homes in the greater Seattle region.

Bob and his crew of well seasoned, professional carpenters have been building custom homes and remodeling existing homes since 1986. Working with some of the most talented architects and enthusiastic clients, we've had the great pleasure of constructing beautiful homes and remodels throughout the greater Seattle area. We are humbled by the compliments from our clients and motivated to continue helping to see more homeowners have their dreams fulfilled.

We are longstanding members of the Master Builders Association

Bob Talbott Construction

Bob Talbott

Bob has been working in the construction industry for over 35 years. He understands the process from the first inspiration to the house warming party.

Over the years, Bob has led various multi-million dollar projects both as a contractor and as a hands-on carpenter. His portfolio consists of high-end custom homes, smaller homes, and many remodels including light commercial.

As a lifelong Seattle area resident, Bob has been happy to be part of making the Northwest a beautiful place to live.

Adored granddaughters


Bob is married, with two grown sons and three adored granddaughters. He is an avid recreational golfer and would love to discuss your project during a round.